Am I the one, or am I not?

confused,girl,mystery,photography,sepia,words-f37e7f1bc08396fac763ae4b70516dce_mAm I boring? Or am I too much fun to be with that you decided boring was better?

Am I funny? Or do you find me too sarcastic to believe everything I say?

Am I kind? Or am I too boastful of how much I love you, that you are embarrassed to walk with me?

Am I ugly? Or am I too pretty for you to handle other suitors who want to walk beside me?

Am I lesser than any woman? Or am I too perfect for you to keep me?

Am I judgmental? Or am I old school because I said I wouldn’t sleep with anybody other than how you told me?

Am I shy? Or do you think of me as too bold when I’m lying in front of you with my legs spread wide?

Am I unfaithful when compared to your faithfulness with that woman who’s bosom you’d pull?


Am I not the one, pray tell. Or am I the one who only was?


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