Let go

How often do we lose? How often among the times we’ve lost, do we want to accept that we’ve lost something/someone? She lived a protected life; was among those who do not know or hear about cruel things that happen to people who live around; one of those who had no cruel intentions. When she thought of it now, she knew that she was naive. It was a comfortable life with no real worries to bear her down. Even if there were, she  talked herself into positivism. She trusted easily but held back so much, all for the fear of being vulnerable and hence she survived.

I embraced the first brightest ray of light that came by. Ah! it was an amazing feeling. The warmth was all that I had longed for in my naive and not-so-happening life. It was all that I had never seen or felt before. When you’ve closed your eyes for a long time and you open them to see the most beautiful scene you’ve ever witnessed; it was like that – so pure, so innocent, so true. That was when I changed. I let go. It was too good to hold back. I had to take the plunge and so I did after putting all my trust in that brightest ray. Of all the things I’ve been through in my short life, this is my most priced possession. I wouldn’t trade it for anything but little did I know that my first ray of light would move away to brighten someone else’s day. It wanted to spread its brightness and warmth to others as well. I was hurt. It was pain that engulfed me. We had more than a connection. It was more than so many things put together. They said, everything happens for a reason. I’m trying to figure the reason. I no longer talk myself into positivism, I just believe that everything will find its way to me or away from me. My ray of light changed that for me. It was my change.

First ray


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