My affair with books


(Most) Books always had a way with me in a way that people could never. It is a cliche but they did take me on roller-coaster rides and made me feel romance for the first time. The regular trips and the adventures they took me on helped me take off as if I were tripping on trance. With direction and faith that they would never fail me, I trusted them blindly and delved into each of their fantasies knowing only more after returning to reality.


My feelings had words and I feel at ease knowing that there are people who feel the things I do and speak the way I want to. Did they understand me? No. They comforted me by showing me that there were many who went through similar things and encouraged me to capture in writing the feelings that I could not find in published material. The naughty ones gave me dirty ideas 😉 and the ones like ‘Perfume‘ even scared me to death but, I was resurrected by one that spoke of the after-life. 


My current favorite is John Green because of the way he describes the unfathomable things I’ve been thinking and was unable to put down in words. They are but simple words with so much emotion and experience beneath, that I didn’t mind drowning in this sea of simplicity over and over again. ‘The fault in our stars‘ gripped me like no other in the recent past and I still cling on to it and re-read through the slightly yellowed pages. His words have had a remarkable effect on me. Maybe you would want to give John Green a shot. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. (Few of his quotes are scattered as pictures in this blog post)

Recently read:

  • The five people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom
  • The fault in our stars – John Green
  • Looking for Alaska – John Green
  • A million little pieces – James Frey




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