Things I’d like to tell you

I’d like to tell you all about
how ordinary the usual days are,
how easily my mind drifts when it gets a whiff of that familiar scent,
and how child-like happy I feel when I have a plan.

I’d like to tell you all about
how my day was while I hear about yours,
how some things scare me than most others,
and how easily I drift off into slumber.

I’d like to hear all about
how you’ve come to be who you are,
how easily or not you can trust,
and how naturally does the force of love affect you.

I’d like to hear all about
how & if you fear,
how much you want out of life,
and how free you are from thoughts.

I’d like to tell you far more, just how I’d like to hear far more from you.
But, till we settle down, I will pen down the things I’d like to tell you.

Awaiting this horizon


I need a sign

I need a sign.
Universe, are you listening?
My eyes are drooping; fingers caressing.
Each time the clock strikes, I’m burning.
I need a sign.
Mamma, are you going to be fine?
Your daughter’s no longer in line,
unlike the others who were struck when they were nine,
while drinking wine.
I need a sign.
From deep or high,
In the morn or nigh,
Show me before I sigh,
I wouldn’t care if it were only about my thigh.
I need a sign.
To know that it will be mine,
no matter what time.
I need a sign.

Just another Valentine’s Day post

Like any other year, after the sizzle of New Years’ dries out, we waited for that next month to revel in love. We waited for Cupid to strike but did he? The day brought a lot of mixed feeling for most people; the loved, love more, the un-loved, cursed and others just wore black. Did the day do any good other than making it another day for marketers to force red and pink products into our shopping bags? It sure did act as a day full of love and romance along with the gifts for all those who really believed in it and also was as a wonderful day for those looking only to hook up just so that they don’t feel lonely on Valentine’s Day.

What happened to those who were #ForeverAlone or those who just got out of relationships? Or those who lived alone AND were alone? I think that’s when social media and contests helped in the smallest way. threw open a #ChuckVDay contest where a lot of singles could participate (contest by for Valentine’s Day 2014). Jack & Jones’ Black Valentine was also simply a class campaign that included the ‘un-loved‘ people on love day. There were no doubt a few initiatives like this across the world that did not segregate us but, I’m sure the day could be more inclusive rather than exclusive so that people don’t feel miserable by the end of it ’cause after all IT IS Valentine’s Day – the day of love and for love.