What would I not do for this

There are moments that most of us want and are willing to do anything to make it picture perfect. One of those many moments I want (in a nutshell) is, the ‘proposal’ and the ‘wedding’; my wedding. I agree there are a few women (or maybe more) who do not bother much about things like these and only look for pleasures of the flesh or other things. I am one of those women who belong to the many who, deep down inside want Mr. Perfect. Yes, I’m a little old school. I still want the man of my dreams; my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet and make our romance last and stand through the test of time. Too cliched, I know but, don’t blame me! That’s my dream and everyone’s allowed to dream.

The Proposal Surprises. I love surprises! Carrying forward my thought from before, and after being influenced by a large number of romantic comedies, I’m proud of saying, “I’d love a rom-com proposal” – its one of those oh-so-special moments that I’m sure I (or any woman) would remember for the rest of my life. Imagining a proposal already makes me blush. I wonder how the real thing would be. Flashing ‘that’ ring is something I’ve seen EVERY woman do, whether or not she believes in a fairy-tale kind of love. I think it’s because all of us like to show the world when we’re happy.

Many would say that this whole concept of getting proposed, planning your wedding and finally getting married is over rated. To be very honest, which thing that makes you happy is not? It’s during this whole period that the two people really come close because they work together towards something for the first time. It’s the many small things that happen during this period that help you and bring joy to your life. Some would call it an illusion because they think love is an illusion. I disagree. At the Alter

It has to be about the two of you! With such strong emotions filled within me and after closely being a part of a few weddings (in the family), I feel even more strongly that a wedding is when, as a girl you’ve got every right to be treated as a princess  by your prince. Does that mean that the groom takes all sort of responsibility for everything? Hell No! But yes, if each takes his/her time to make the other feel loved and cherished, what else do you need?

Reality Check: The planning is most often left incomplete. We plan only for the wedding. Why do we miss out on the ‘marriage’ bit? I’m sure they are two distinct things and we focus on what is pleasing to the eye rather than working on both simultaneously. Don’t we all just hope and believe that ours will be a happy marriage. Lets hope it is! In the end, lets take it one step at a time. Who’s next in line?

Who's next?

Should I really be sharing all this here? Hopefully ‘the man’ will come up with something different without reading this. *fingers crossed*