diwali of lighting wallpapers

India is a land full of festivals and somewhere in the month of September, the festival line-up begins. Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Pujo & Dusshera and then Diwali.

First Diwali at work. It was nothing less than a lavish wedding ceremony anyone would think. The colours, lights and creativity flowed like no other day on the 14th floor of my office headquarters in Mumbai. Work definitely was at a stand-still (not-so-good on normal work days but today was Diwali).  In the midst of all the banter, decor, chiffon and mulmul, I drowned into another world. My parallel universe always has an alternative to whatever is happening at present. I subconsciously know how to dive into deep minutes of somber and sordid trenches but it was all worth it. Am I a negative person? Definitely NOT. I see things for what they are and at the same time draw inferences from past instances. This makes enjoying the present even better. Lumos! My mind opened up to take in light and happiness!

Have attached a few pictures of the items sold at the Diwali Carnival our team organized. The proceed were donated to two NGOs in Mumbai.